5 Tips to Survive Renovation

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I ask to my followers on Instagram if they want to see more of Home Decor and the 90% of them said YES.  Home renovation and decor is one thing that I’m really passion about it and now and forward I’m going to share with you all.  I have been renovating my house since November 2017 and we are nearly to finish all the construction, them I can start painting and decorating the space.   Living in the house during renovation with all the noise, limited space, privacy and others is challenging.  I’m not going to lie home renovation can be excited but and same time can be stressful and scary.


Here I will tell you some tips that will help you to survive renovation.

  1. You have to be patience! I now that is not easy, but on any renovation sometimes the time frame, budget and any other issue can change on any moment.
  2. The budget is one of the most important factors during renovation you have to be sure and go over every single detail.  Also you have to be prepare for any unexpected issue that comes up, that’s why I recommend to have a contingency budget.
  3.  Meet with different contractors and ask for reference.  This will help you to decide which one is the perfect for the job.
  4. If you can spend time out of the renovation zone do it.  Is the perfect time to plan a short trip or visit family and friends.  This will help you to relax and have less stress.
  5. Enjoy the process and be grateful! During renovation you will learn a lot and will change your perspective on some many ways.



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A perfect piece of decor – Indoor Plants

I’m one of those people that love plants, I think I inherit it from my mom and grandmother!  But I was having doubts about what plants are the best for indoor.  Also I was having problems because all the plants that I bought died, so I take the time to research what are the best plants for indoor decor.  Here I share with you 5 plants that are perfect for indoor.  But if you don’t have the time to take care of this plants you can find a variety of artificial plants to decor your home.  No matter witch one you decide your home will look fresh and pretty.

** Soy una de esas personas que le encantan las plantas, creo que lo herede de mi mama y mi abuela!  Estaba teniendo dudas sobre cuáles son las plantas adecuadas para interiores ya que las plantas que compraba se morían.  Me tomé el tiempo de investigar  cuáles son las mejores plantas para interior y aquí les dejo una lista de 5 plantas que son perfectas para decorar interiores.   Pero sino tienes el tiempo para cuidar de estas plantas existe una gran variedad de plantas artificiales para decorar tu hogar.  No importa cual decidas tu casa lucirá fresca y bonita. **


  1. Lengua de Vaca is a perfect plant do not require a lot of water or light and also absorbs the Carbon Dioxide in the air and boosts oxygen at night.  A lot of people recommend to decorate your bedroom with this plant.   **Lengua de Vaca es un planta perfecta ya que no requiere mucha agua ni luz y además absorbe el Dióxido de Carbono en el aire y lo bota por la noche como oxígeno.  Muchas personas recomiendan esta planta para colocarla en los dormitorios. **


2. Dieffembaquia is a plant that comes from Brasil and is very attractive and ideal for interiors.  Is a plant that must be kept moist the soil so it is recommended to place it on a plant wet dish.   **Dieffembaquia es un planta que proviene de Brasil y es muy atractiva e ideal para interiores.  Es una planta que debe mantenerse húmeda la tierra, por eso se recomienda colocarla sobre un plato húmedo.**


3.  The Potho is a popular indoor plant since it does not require much care.  This plant can be placed hanging because it is a species of climber.   **Potho es una planta popular para interiores ya que no requiere mucho cuidado.  Esta planta se puede colocar de forma colgante ya que es un tipo de enredadera o trepadora. **


4. The Aloe is a plant that has very good medicinal properties and for this reason it has become very popular.  It is also a very easy to care plant and its colors are perfect to brighten any corner of your house.  Does not need much water and you just need to place it where enter a lot of light.  **El Aloe es una planta que tiene muy buenas propiedades medicinales y por eso se vuelto muy popular.  Además es una planta muy fácil de cuidar y sus colores son perfectos para alegrar cualquier rincón del hogar. No necesita mucha agua y se debe colocar en un lugar donde entre bastante luz.**


5. The Cinta – Mala madre has very thin and extended leaves and the best thing is that it resists any type of climate.  This makes it perfect for decorating any area of the home such as bathrooms, kitchen or bedroom.  ** La Cinta o Mala Madre tiene hojas muy finitas y alargadas y lo mejor es que resiste cualquier tipo de clima.  Esto hace que sea  perfecta para decorar cualquier area en el hogar como los baños, cocinas y dormitorios. **



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Hexagon Shelf – DIY

You will think that popsicle stick are for school, right?  But wait until you see this hexagon shelfs.  They are super easy to make and low cost.  In recent years we see a lot of Mid-Century home decor pieces.  With this shelfs your home will get that Mid-Century touch for a fraction of the cost that you will pay at the store.

If you have kids, this is a great project to make with them!!!

You will need:

1. Popsicle Stick- one hexagon shelf takes 100 popsicle sticks

2. Arts & Craft Glue- make sure that works for wood

3. Paint or Wood Stain- you can use any type of paint you want

4. Paint Brush-  small size, is more easy to get to the corners.




1.  On a paper place 6 popsicle stick in the shape of a hexagon.

2. Start sticking the popsicle sticks one by one.

3. When you have the first layer, you will continue to stick one by one until you finish the 100 popsicle sticks.

4.  Let the glue dry.  (minimun of 30 minutes)

5.  When is dry you can start to paint the shelf.  You can also leave it unpainted, for a natural look.  I paint my shelf with a light gold color.

6. When the paint is dry you are DONE! NOW put it on the wall and decorate it with a small plant or whatever you like. It is very important that you do not place very heavy objects on these shelves as they are light.


I hope that you enjoy this tutorial!!! Feel free to share this with your family and friends.

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How to create a stylish workplace

Home Office

When I decide to start creating my workspace at home, was challenging because the space that I have to set up is a small area. I do some research to find ideas for small spaces and thank’s to Pinterest I found some great inspiring photos. Something that you have to be clear is what style you are going for. A inspiration board can help you to decide which type of desk, chair and decoration you want on your space.

When you have already decided which style, you can start searching at stores and online. You need to make sure that you have the measurements of the space where you workspace is going to be. This is really important so you don’t buy a desk that is too big or too small for the area. An idea…. if you find a perfect desk but is not the color that you want it, PAINT IT!

Try to stick to the style that you decide, when you are buying the decoration. You are going to find some beautiful things that you wanna to buy it all. You can find unique accessories on, like the notepad at the first photo.

Finally when you have your desk, chair and decoration start to setup the area. Play and take photos of the decoration, before you decide a permanent area for them. Be sure that you love it and inspire you to be creative.

be creative, be you!


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