Our visit to Portugal

Hi SS followers,

As you know on October I was on vacation with my family on Europe.  We were lucky to visit some places on the north of Portugal in only two days!   This was the first time for me at Portugal and I was impress with all the beautiful views they have.  Portugal is know for their Port Wine, football, cork-base products, tiles (azulejos), rooster legend and much more.  We had the opportunity to visit Oporto, Bom de Jesus and Real Campanhia Velha.



As you can see in the photos almost every house, building, church walls are covered with tiles (azulejos) of different colors, patterns and textures.  I was amazed at how beautiful everything looked.


If you are a fan of Harry Potter you have to visit Livraria Lello where the author found her inspiration for the first book of the Harry Potter series.  Is located in the center of Oporto.



Sanctuary Bom de Jesus, Braga

Bom de Jesus means Good Jesus of the Mount.

To reach to the top you can go by foot, car or take the funicular from the 19th century.  We take the vertical tram and was so much fun for Mauricio and to be honest we were not ready to climb more than 500 steps (lol).  When you get to the top the  views are breath taking you can see Braga and beyond.



Real Companhia Velha, Gaia

We love wine so we where very excited to visit this wine company in Portugal.  The Real Companhia Velha is the oldest wine company in Portugal with more than 260 years of existence, was founded on September of 1756.   The Real Companhia Velha is also know as Royal Oporto Wine Company.


This is the first blog post about my family vacation on Europe.  Stay tune for more!

Hope you like it!


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