Trendy Bags

Hi SS Followers,

Last year I post on the blog something similar, but I want to create a new post about it.    Like a update version, because this trend continue and out there are so many new styles and options to choose.  This spring and summer the raffia and straw bags are the accessory that everyone have or want!  The great thing about this bags is that you can wear it for a night out, a day at the beach, practically for everything.  Here you will see my favorite styles right now!

Be creative, be you…


I have this bag! Is from Patricia Nash, my mom give it to me for Mother’s Day.  I try to find where you can find it and is sold out in almost every site that I found.  Only at is the same bag in other color. My mom find it at TJMAXX!!!



*This post in not #sponsor. I don’t receive any compensation. 




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