Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Hi SS Followers!!!

Mother’s Day….is a day that we celebrate our amazing mom’s.   In that day we want that all the mom’s around us have a wonderful day.  I’m going to give you some gift ideas that she is going to love.

1. Park Row Watch from  2. Jumpsuit Dress from  3. Tackle box from  4. Lilly Sneakers from  5. Die-Cut top with pompoms from  6. Silver Mama Power Necklace with Apatite and Pearl from   7. Glow Recipe Watermelon Set from  8. Georgia Turn-Lock Mini Bag from  9. Mommy Necklace from Gold and Stones Miami at Instagram.   10. La Hoja Ring from   11. Tommy Hilfiguer Platform Wedge Espadrille from Macy’


Be creative, be you…






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