Swimwear Trends – 2018

Hi SS Followers!

Spring is HERE!!! And we have to be ready for the beautiful sunny days that are coming.     The great thing of this year trends is that you can find a variety of styles from two pieces, one piece, ruffles, pompoms, high waist, high leg and much more.  There is something for everyone!!!

Here are my favorite swimwear styles and trends right now.

Gingham & Pompoms              Shein.com
Cutouts                                    Forever21.com
Ruffles & Mix Prints & High Leg            Forever21.com
IMG_2411 2
Strapless & Crop Top                     Shein.com
IMG_2406 2
High Waist                                      Asos.com
IMG_2404 2
Tropical Prints & Of Shoulder   Asos.com
Bright Colors                                        Shein.com
What is your favorite trend???
Be creative, be you…
*This post is not #sponsor.

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