My Little Family

Hi SS Followers!


I present you… my little family!  Usually you don’t see the 3 of us on the blog, but I want to share with you a little bit of our story.   We had been married for almost 7 amazing years and have a baby boy Mauricio of 1 year old.   Mauricio is the best thing that happened to us.  Me and my husband dream and talk about having a child and when we saw the positive results we were so excited, happy and nervous.  Was a dream come true… but when we hold him for the first time there is where our dream was really come true!

For us is really important to spend time as a family.  Sometimes is challenging because my hubby works long hours and is difficult to find time to spend together.  But for us family is always first.  My husband is my best friend, the best daddy and the best provider for his family.  I’m grateful and blessed for my family!

*Special thanks to Eagle Photography Puerto Rico for the beautiful pictures.  You can find them at IG and Facebook as @eaglephotographypr.

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