My First Year as a MOM

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You are pregnant!   Are three words that so many woman want to hear on some point in their lives. When me and my husband knew that we were expecting we were so happy and scared at the same time. We did not want anything happen to our little one.

One year ago a give birth my first child… my little boy Mauricio and was the best day of our life. Be a mom is something that you can’t describe with only one word are so many emotions that invade you at the same time. When I hold my baby the first time I was thinking..”this is real”, “I had a baby”, “dreams come true”, “I’m a mom”.

Be a mom for the first time is beautiful, but at the same time is challenging. For more research, books, prenatal classes nothing will prepare you complete for this journey. In my case I left my full time job to be a home stay mom. I was happy that I will be with my baby all the time, but was difficult at the same time I’m not going to lie. The transition from work to be a home stay mom is not easy, I was use to wake up every day search for a outfit, put on some makeup and ready to go. But I don’t change anything, been with my baby for this year has been the best life experience. Every day I learn something new, is a adventure that never ends. Any time that my baby do something new I feel full of joy and sometimes cry. When Mauricio said for the first time “mama” I was so proud, excited and happy that I can’t believe it.



I’m not the best mom, but I try my best every day. Teaching my baby to be kind, loving and respect others. The best advice that I can give to all first time moms is to live day by day, enjoy the time that you spend with your kids and take every experience as a learning process.

Me and my husband learn to appreciate more the little things and maximize our time as a family. We love our little boy with all of our heart and can’t imagine our life without him.


Be creative, be you…


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