Summer Sandals in Every Budget

Hi ladies!

Summer is around the corner and we need to be ready for it.  Who does not love summer?  The sun, the beach, vacations… !   A sunny day ask for some cute and comfortable sandals and in this post I will show you great sandals for this summer on every budget.   The best of sandals is that you can wear it with everything from shorts, rompers and maxi dresses.

This summer trends are the mules, sliders, ankle-tie sandals and espadrilles.  When you find the perfect pair for your lifestyle you will want to wear them all the time.


Denim Slide Sandal

*This denim sandals are perfect for this summer. This sandals will look great with a white casual dress for a Sunday Brunch!

From: Agaci Store

Price: $16.90


Double-Strap Sandal

*This sliders are comfy and came on different colors and combine with floral prints. (color on the picture: blush)

From: Old Navy

Price: $19.94

Leather Slide Interchangeable Ribbons

*I love this one’s!!!! They came with 2 pairs of ribbons, so you can change them any time.

From: Zara

Price: $59.90


Miller Sandal, Leather

*This sandals are expensive, but you can find a similar style more affordable. But if you can buy them I will tell you don’t think about it twice they are really comfy, stylish and also they came on a variety of colors.

From: Tory Burch

Price: $195


Be creative, be you…


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