Empowering Books For Women

Hi ladies!

Empowering woman has become a important topic of discussion over the years. Today women are taking over the world and showing that we can do everything.  The true is that sometimes we need someone or something to remember us how important and valuable we are.   We can’t doubt our capacity of make things happen no matter the situation our future is in our hands.

I always love to read motivational and empowering books.  I will share with you 4 books that over the years have been helpful and inspirational in my professional and personal life.  This books will help you to be more positive and how to be in charge of your own life.


“Fearless & Fabulous” and “Girl Code”

*This two books are from Cara Alwill Leyba, she is a certified Master Life Coach and the creator of “Champagne Life”.  You can find her on social media as “The Champagne Diet”.  Her books are life workbooks will help you every day.


“#Girls Boss” and “Nasty Galaxy”

This two books are from Sophia Amoruso the creator of Nasty Gal (www.nastygal.com) a online fashion retailer.  On the #GIRLBOSS  book you will see how she start her company selling on eBay.  The Nasty Galaxy is a book that will inspire and motivates you.

Thank you!

Be creative, be you…


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