Tassel Earrings Tutorial


I have been obsessed with this trend you will see me looking everywhere for this earrings.   And I always think that when you don’t find something that you want, you can  improvise and make your own creations.

For Mother’s Day I had my outfit and I was searching for some specific style and color of tassel earrings, but I didn’t find it.  So, I decide to try and create some Tassel Earrings!   Is not a difficult process, is easy and you will have fun doing it.

Now I will show you the materials you need and step by step the making process.


  • This are the materials that you will need.  The embroidery thread cost lest than a dollar and you can find it on most craft stores.



  • Remove the tickets.



  • Fold in half and cut


  • Tie a knot in the middle and fold in half again.


  • Secure the top with a piece of the embroidery thread or some string.  You can also use other color or similar material for this step.  And them trim ends.


  • Double thread the needle.  Now you will link the tassels, make sure to insert the needle in the middle of the tassel from the bottom to the top.


  • You can link more than two tassels in one earring, is your choice.  When you have together the tassels you need to secure them with a knot.


  • Now you will utilize the metal links for a stylish finish.  Open the round link with the tweezers and insert on the top of the tassel.  After that you just need to attach the earring hook.


  • DONE!!!


I hope that you enjoy this tutorial!  😁

Be creative, be you!



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