How to create a stylish workplace

Home Office

When I decide to start creating my workspace at home, was challenging because the space that I have to set up is a small area. I do some research to find ideas for small spaces and thank’s to Pinterest I found some great inspiring photos. Something that you have to be clear is what style you are going for. A inspiration board can help you to decide which type of desk, chair and decoration you want on your space.

When you have already decided which style, you can start searching at stores and online. You need to make sure that you have the measurements of the space where you workspace is going to be. This is really important so you don’t buy a desk that is too big or too small for the area. An idea…. if you find a perfect desk but is not the color that you want it, PAINT IT!

Try to stick to the style that you decide, when you are buying the decoration. You are going to find some beautiful things that you wanna to buy it all. You can find unique accessories on, like the notepad at the first photo.

Finally when you have your desk, chair and decoration start to setup the area. Play and take photos of the decoration, before you decide a permanent area for them. Be sure that you love it and inspire you to be creative.

be creative, be you!


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